G2 Lothar on Valorant, grassroots esports, and fully supporting Vanguard

Daily Esports: Could you tell us a little about yourself? Obviously, you’re a prominent figure on Twitch, but we’d like to know some more about your occupation in G2 and what your role is within the organization.

So you’ve been streaming quite a lot of Valorant recently. How are you enjoying Riot Games’ newest title so far?

As we know, Valorant is coming out of the closed beta on May 28, and the release is set for June 2. From your current playtime, would there be any things you would change based on the current state of the game?

As we know, a ton of CSGO professionals have decided to transition into the new competitive scene of Valorant. Pros such as swag, freakazoid, recently jdm64. What do you think is the reason for this? Why are pros as young as TenZ switching over to Valorant?

Do you think that Valorant is a direct competitor of CSGO? Do you think that upon release, Valorant may hinder the popularity of CSGO?

What do you think Riot Games has to do right moving forward in order for Valorant to become a successful esport?

What are your thoughts on the intrusive anti-cheat that Riot has implemented in Valorant, Vanguard? In the world of esports and competitive titles, is that something that is necessary or did Riot overdo it?

Thank you very much for your time, Lothar. Your insight has been extremely valuable. We wish you all the best in your streaming career.



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